Updated information on flood situation on Elbe Greenway in the Czech Republic and Germany

Source: coordination centers of the Elbe Greenway in CZ/DE

The Elbe Greenway in the Czech Republic (incl. the Moldau section Prague – Mělník) is currently flooded up to Děčín and the Czech-German border near Hřensko. The German section is also flooded from the border North through Saxonian Switzerland and Dresden – Meissen. If you have to use the trail corridor, use  roads which are still open to traffic.

Train information: Trans from Prague to Ústí and on to Germany might be delayed, please follow the info on České drahy web site The train station in Usti n/L might  be closed soon. Highest level of the Elbe – 10,8 m is expected in Usti n/L this evening. Also closed are many ferries in the Czech republic and in the southern part of the Elbe Greenway. 

In Prague, the subway services are currently suspended in the city center at 8/ stations, more info

In Germany the Elbe Greenway is flooded in sections from the Czech border north around Bad Schandau, Dresden and Meissen. More info