Elbe trail in the Czech Republic inviting guests to visit!

The Elbe trail in the Czech Republic after floods in June 2013 fully re-opened incl. all important ferries and is ready to welcome guests! The cycle friendly boat Porta Bohemica will offer its regular services from this Thursday between Litoměřice – Žernoseky – Litoměřice. Other regular boat trips available around Mělník.

Updated information in 3 languages about the situation of the Elbe trail in the Czech Republic can be found at official web site Elbe trail s coordination center for the Czech Republic at Information on the updated situation of the Elbe trail in Germany available at

Local diversions  along the Elbe trail in the Czech Republic (and Vltava trail in section Mělník – Prague) have been mostly lifted.

Chateau Veltrusy – Mělník (confluence Elbe-Vltava)

Chateau Veltrusy incl. entire park area has re-opened its gates. The chateau incl. main trails in the park are accessible.

Roudnice – Litoměřice

New pavement has been laid between Černěves – Lounky on the right side of the Elbe river. As alternative to Elbe trail you can use left bank of the Elbe on the route Roudnice n/L – Židovice – Hrobce – Theresienstadt – Litoměřice.

Ústí nad Labem – Děčín

The Elbe trail is being currently built from Přerov and Těchlovice, Jakuby and Nebočady towards Děčín, as alternative use parallel road II/247.

Functional services along the Elbe trail in the Czech Republic

Certified Services „Cyclists Welcome“ as well as other services along the longest and best equipped cycle route in the Czech Republic are expecting your visit! Come and enjoy natural and cultural attractions as well as culinary highlights along the Elbe trail.