Join us along one of Europe's most beautiful rivers and discover the gateway to the Czech Republic and the largest czech confluence! Elbe Trail will never be boring - medieval towns and elongated plane takes a turn with rocky sandstone and basalt cliffs. You will know the history, architecture and nature in a unique combination. Visit historic residences, military forts and romantic castles, try traditional crafts, ride the train, boat or ferry.

Official Elbe Trail guidebook

In order to make your journey as pleasant as possible we have published for you free official Elbe Trail guidebook with updated and detailed information about the route and services along. In the guidebook which is mutual effort of 3 German and 1 Czech coordination centers of the Elbe Trail, you will find route information for more than 1.200 km cycle route from the North Sea to the Elbe spring incl information on cycle friendly accommodation in all categories from a camp site to hotels incl. updated contacts.

Available Cycle tourist maps

Pruvodce-SHOCart_titul.jpgA welcome help during your yourney along the Elbe Trail in the Czech Republic might be detailed cycle tourist maps which you can choose from our e-shop.

Cycle tourist map Labská stezka (Source of Elbe - Bad Schandau) - SHOCart Publishing 1:100 000

Price: 98 CZK + Postage


Cycle tourist map Labská stezka (Drážďany-Praha) - SHOCart Publishing 1:60 000

Price: 98 CZK + Postage