Official Elbe Cycle Route Handbook 2018

In 2018 we have published together with our German partners for you again free of charge a mutual handbook for the German as well as the Czech part of the Elbe Cycle Route. Here you can also find information on certified cycle friendly accommodations and gastronomy incl. direct contacts. With this guide book you know where you are gong and where to find an appropriate accommodation for yourself and your bicycle. The guide book comes in handy format 21 x 25 cm that fits any front  cycle bag. The guide book also contains orientation maps of trail sections and your whereabouts and information on main attractions along the route, ferries, boats and many other information. In case your bike needs repair you will also find list of bicycle repair shops and other useful information about train connections etc. You can use also the explanatory supplement in English, which helps you to work with the Official Elbe Cycle Route Handbook in German.


You can download the Official Elbe Trail Handbook in German here (data format pdf, 12 MB)

You can download also the explanatory supplement in English here (data format pdf, 5 MB)